Divorce Process: Pros and Cons

Everything looks fine when a couple starts dating. They sincerely care about each other, value the opinion of their partner, respect their preferences and personal space. If everything goes well, the couple gets married.

Not in all cases, but it happens that soon after marriage, disagreements start to arise between the husband and wife. Due to frequent quarrel, they ultimately file for divorce. It may sound astonishing, but it’s 100% true. These days, the number of divorces is growing at an incredible progression. More than 50% of all registered marriages in Russia fall apart.

Country Divorce Rate
Luxemburg 87%
Spain 65%
France 55%
Russia 51%
America 46%
Germany 44%
England 42%
New Zealand 42%
Australia 38%
Canada 38%
Iran 22%
Turkey 22%
Brazil 21%
Egypt 17%
South Africa 17%
Kenya 15%
Mexico 15%
Colombia 9%
Chile 3%
India 1%

In society, divorce is perceived as a forbidden, tragic and shameful. Still, married couples break the relationship. Is divorce really helpful? Let’s consider its pros and cons now.


  • Waiting for Mental Peace & Happiness
    After a divorce, emotional breakdown, depression, and feelings of loneliness occur most often. But all these are temporary. Always keep in mind that time heals everything. Soon people begin to feel happier and more comfortable than ever.It doesn’t matter what type of pain you suffered in your marriage, a divorce may be a point of relief and start the healing process sooner or later. The real happiness after a divorce takes some time to come by.
  • Good for Your Health
    Being a married couple, you always think about family, kids, relatives and their well-being at all times.Divorce is a great opportunity to think about yourself, take care of your health and have proper rest. A carefree life saves you from nervous stress and unnecessary experiences.
  • Good for Kids
    All those spouses who live together for the sake of children do not understand how unhealthy relationships between both of them can negatively affect their children. Even if the outside relationship seems beautiful, children are smart enough to understand everything. Living in a troubled family will not make the child happy in any way.Children of divorced parents are more pleased and prosperous despite the fact that parents do not live together. Divorce is a great opportunity to pay more attention to your child and take care of his/her needs very well.If in a family, a person has to divide his attention between a spouse and children and is very difficult to strike a healthy balance.
  • More Possibilities for Personal Growth
    As divorced people become independent, they can easily deal with the pressures of everyday life. After a divorce, people can develop personal skills that can help them to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children sooner or later.Always keep in mind that marriage is associated with multiple responsibilities. So, you don’t spend enough time on yourself. After a divorce, you have lots of time for yourself. You can take a rest and revitalise yourself for a new life.
  • Freedom
    When was the last time you went out to have a drink with friends/relatives/co-workers or visit the spa? Even if you thought about it, you did not do it to save money or simply the lack of free time. Divorce gives you complete freedom unnecessary responsibilities
    No one is going to restrict your movement. You can do whether you want, like going to a gym, meeting friends, touring a foreign country, etc.
    Sometimes you could not always afford to meet with friends and due to that not able to share your problems. Even, your text messages considered of a set of banal phrases. So, with regards to regain your identity and open your heart to communicate, you need freedom.


  • Financial Problems
    Financial problems are one of the most negative consequences of divorce. As per rules, you have to pay a fixed monthly compensation amount to females. Plus, she can ask for a ½ share in each and every shared valuables and property.
    This can make your financial condition fragile and affect your savings greatly if you live on a fixed monthly paycheck and you have lots of responsibilities to shoulder.
  • Physiological problems for Teenagers
    Parental divorce has a negative effect on both pre-schoolers and teenagers. Sooner or later after the divorce, they start to feel its impact. Due to the absence of a father or mother, the baby can often change his/her mood and become obstinate.
    The worst thing for children after divorce is mom and dad can’t make contact with each. They can’t compromise between two quarrelling parties.

    Many fathers would like to meet their children once a week and maybe even more often, but there are quite a few mothers who allow this. Some mothers consider such meetings undesirable and counterproductive. Needless to say, such parental behaviour can have a bad effect on the personal and mental development of kids.
    Children from an incomplete family are often under moral and psychological pressure from children from complete families and this often leads to the development of their feelings of self-doubt and even bitterness and aggressiveness.

Final Words

Divorce is difficult and unpleasant under whatever circumstances it happens. These are some pros and cons of divorce. You do not need to ruin your life after a divorce. Start your life afresh and rush towards new goals. Happy Life!


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