How to Estimate an Injury Settlement

In our previous article we covered factors that determine burden of proof during an auto accident injury suit. In this article we would like to pick up from right where we stopped and this primarily entails how settlements are determined in such suits.

We are therefore going to look at 5 factors that will be considered when estimating the dollar amount in an injury settlement.

1 Costs spent by the claimant on medical bills

This is a rather straight forward calculation because the claimant will be expected to furnish the court with documents such as receipts or invoices showing how much they spent on medical expenses following the accident.

2 The cost of future medical bills

In the event the claimant suffered from injuries that will require them to undergo medical care for an extended period of time, the cost of this medical care is calculated and a dollar amount determined.

3 Damages incurred to property

Following the auto accident, the claimant will need to furnish the court with invoices from either their insurer or a registered mechanic indicating how much damage their vehicle sustained and what it will cost or what it cost to repair these damages.

4 The loss of income

If the claimant was injured to a point that they were not in a position to work for a couple of days, weeks or months they will be required to tabulate and come up with a dollar amount for this lost income and present it to the court.

5 The loss of future income

In the event the claimant suffers injuries that will render it impossible for them to resume the work they were doing even after they are fully recovered then they have the option of making a claim for loss of future income. Just as in the loss of income scenario, a dollar value will be determined for this loss.

Once all this has been tabulated and calculated, should the claimant be successful in proving their case, they will be awarded their claim and the accused ordered to pay up in addition to other punitive measures such as jail time.

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