About Us

As the name suggests, the California Bar Lawyers Association Blog is a website that brings together lawyers from this beautiful state of California to engage in matters of law. This blog was established by a group of likeminded personal injury lawyers on a quest to ensure that the average American citizen has access to legal information which will come very much in handy should they find themselves having to lodge or face a personal injury suit.

Through this blog, we try as much as possible to simplify legal information by keeping out the jargon and sticking to simple language that everyone can understand. The idea is to ensure that the average American can benefit from the legal information that we provide.

In as much as this platform was started by lawyers specializing in torts, we want to keep it open to all lawyers in this state regardless of the branch of law that they have specialized in. The goal is to have a legal resource platform that all Americans can benefit from.

We by no means want to substitute legal counsel, we are just providing our readers with the basic information they will require before they can get to an attorney.